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At the Larry Crabb School of Piano Technology, we offer training in tuning, servicing, and rebuilding pianos.  There is a continuing need for skilled piano tuner/technicians throughout the United States and the world and we are pleased that our piano technology courses are successful in helping to meet this need.


Today, there are many people attempting to tune and repair pianos who have not been properly trained.  Our school offers courses which provide this needed training.  We have designed these courses for the beginner AND for those who wish to augment their previous training and experience.  We teach the latest, most up-to-date methods and procedures which are approved and used by professional craftsman piano tuner/technicians and rebuilders throughout the country


These courses provide solid information and pertinent activities which allow the student to develop the skills necessary to properly tune, repair, regulate, recondition and rebuild the acoustic piano---to the benefit of the piano-owning public and the piano industry as a whole.


We offer three piano technology courses.  The successful completion of all three of these courses will allow the student to enter the piano tuning/technician profession at a qualified level.  Depending on the student and after a reasonable period of actual field experience, he/she will be ready to take the tuning and technical examinations offered by THE PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD (PTG).  Those who pass these exams become "Registered Piano

Technicians" (RPT) in the PTG.


Each course combines lectures with group individual labs.  It is in the lab sessions where the student perfects tuning skills AND rebuilds his/her own project piano.  Each student is able to proceed at his/her own rate, depending on the student's abilities, understanding of the lectures & instructions and, time available for class attendance, private study and work on the assigned projects.  For these reasons, the student may need more (or less) time to finish a course.


A list of items projects must be completed satisfactorily in order for the student to graduate from each course.


B100, "Basic Piano Tuning and Vertical Piano Technology," is the basic course.  It is complete within itself and will get you started as a piano tuner/technician.


The G200, "Advanced Piano Tuning and Grand Piano Technology" course, available after B100, explores piano technology and tuning of the grand piano.

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The C300, "Concert Piano Tuning and Preparation of the Performance Piano" course, available after B100 & G200, delve into tuning of concert-sized grand pianos under the exacting requirements and demands of performance professionals and production companies.


G200 and C300 are both advanced, optional courses, which move the student into grand piano rebuilding, regulating and concert-quality tuning & servicing.  Also, these advanced courses will prepare the student for the PTG examinations. 


Each course is designed so that there are no delays and the student may begin training right away!  Class days are on Wednesdays for lectures, project instruction and guidance.  Students use the other weekdays at the school and at home to work on their individual projects.


Due to long-distance traveling, job considerations and time limitations, out-of- state and foreign students use some of the other weekdays at the school to accelerate their learning and to complete their assigned projects.  The courses have a built-in "attendance time" flexibility to meet each individual student's needs.


All students must arrange for their own living accommodations, though we are happy to offer some assistance.


Our first student began his training in 1974.  Since then, the school has had students from many "walks of life" as to their education and job experiences (band directors, a dentist, a pharmacist, a real estate salesperson, a retired computer specialist, housewives, professional men & women, young people, music teachers, professional musicians, etc.)  Students come from the local communities, various states and such foreign countries as Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Russia. South Africa and Spain.


Our instructors are all members of THE PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD (PTG) and are "Registered Piano Technicians" (RPT).  They teach at local, regional & national PTG seminars in the United States and internationally, and have provided consultations and instruction at seminars in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Korea, Italy, Japan and Switzerland.


We also work with private and government rehabilitation programs and can customize the courses to meet any special needs.


Tuition costs may be financed and details can be worked out on an individual basis.

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Some of our graduated students have gone on to successful careers as independent piano technicians.  Others are now working for piano dealers and for universities.  Several have passed the PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD examinations and are now "Registered Piano Technicians" (RPTs).  Some of these RPT students are now concert tuners who are working in major cities and one is currently working for a major piano manufacturer's Concert & Artists program in New York City.  We are indeed proud of their accomplishments.


On the following pages you will find each course's description, curriculum and information on tuition cost, the number of lecture project lab hours needed to complete the course, and our Registration form.


Our school and shop are located in Tucker, Georgia, about 20 miles east of downtown Atlanta, near Stone Mountain.


We hope that this information has anticipated your questions--and answers them clearly.  Please feel free to write, call or email us for any additional information.  If you have access to a computer with Internet access and haven't visited our website yet, please do.



Larry B. Crabb, RPT (PTG)


L. B. Crabb & Associates

4299 Hugh Howell Road

Tucker (Atlanta), Georgia  30084

PHONE:  770/491-1432

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